For decades designing, urbanizing, and transforming the future of cities.

About the Group

Driven by the challenge of developing innovative projects with a purpose, ST Group is responsible for the development of more than 750 projects in multiple states in Brazil. 


ST Group started its activities in the real estate market focusing on the development and structuring of unique enterprises. Some of the most significant projects were the Schools of the Bradesco Foundation, “Downtown” business and commercial center in Barra da Tijuca, and Botafogo Praia Shopping, both in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Then came “Mário Henrique Simonsen Business Center”  - a renowned business center in Rio de Janeiro - and the mixed-use compound “Le Quartier” in Brasília. Today, the group focuses on developing innovative Hospitality projects and residential communities in selected cities.


ST Group is driven by the goal of idealizing projects and ideas that serve with excellence the foreseen purpose, always attentive to the international standards and global trends, fostering the developments of local community and Brazilian Urbanization.


STVendas, a real estate company of the ST Group focused on digital media, was created to provide a unique experience in intelligent selling.


Focused on the client's buying experience, STVendas has the infrastructure necessary to assist the client throughout the entire process, from the first service to delivery.


The STVendas team was structured to cater to all demands, in a dynamic and intelligent way, for both residences and investments. 


The team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Pleasure meeting you, we are STVendas!

Years of experience combined with the years of success in the industry, stimulated the ST Group to create STX Desenvolvimento Imobiliário (STX Real Estate Development or STX DI) in 2008. With STX DI, the ST Group officially included real estate development in its scope of work, designing and constructing building projects in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.  


With the purpose of contributing to urbanization and generating greater quality of life in the cities where it operates, STX DI is present in the residential, commercial, and hotel sectors.    


Working with multidisciplinary teams and with professionals of extensive market experience, STX DI started its activities in partnership with large companies and real estate funds.  


STX DI  is a solid company, recognized for its market vision, quality of delivery, ethical performance, and commitment to sustainability and to the development of its collaborators, clients, investors and society as a whole.

URBIX, ST Group’s holding company for subdivision and urbanization projects, was created to develop distinctive housing experiences in the interior of São Paulo.


The company's mission is to develop innovative urban projects that result in improvements in cities’ neighborhoods, providing greater quality of life to their residents and the overall community. 


The work, executed with physical and social sustainability, transforms physical spaces into places to live well, generating value for customers, employees and shareholders, leaving a legacy for future generations.