You've got the destination right: Búzios welcomes visitors with open arms (and open skies, too! The city has a wonderful weather almost all year round!)  Now, the next step is to decide which beach to go to among the countless options spread around the peninsula.  The suggestion is to discover paradise little by little. Let's do it?


Praia Rasa, Baía Formosa, and Manguinhos. Arrive and fall in love.

The "arrival" beaches for those who come by car are a gift for the eyes: beautiful and calm, perfect for those who don't want too much excitement and are staying in houses along the shore or in the excellent hotels and inns in the region.  Rasa is a great choice for those who like to walk or practice sailing sports. For children it is also very comfortable, because the water is less cold and more shallow!  Baía Formosa is still the same: lots of nature and peacefulness, as long as you don't expect too much tourism structure (kiosks, for example). Next to it is Manguinhos, where from a certain point, the boats are part of the landscape, as well as the pier that overlooks a beautiful sunset. Next to it is the Porto da Barra, a stylish gastronomy and shopping center. Look for the post about it here on the site!


Turtle Beach - Nature and comfort in the same spot

Inaugurating the second bay of the peninsula, there it is: Turtle Beach! There, there are several characteristics that please tourists: sea with less cold water, structure for food and beach service, and also the chance to meet the nice creature that gives the beach its name! That's right, there are several reports of people who have spotted one. But we warn you that it is very crowded and to really enjoy it, it is better to arrive early and plan what you are going to enjoy. Sports such as diving, SUP (Stand Up Paddle) and kayaking are popular.


Bardot, Bones, and other stories.

The sections of the Buzian coastline, as we have already mentioned, reveal surprises. And in the contour formed by the beaches of Canto and Armação is the Orla Bardot, where you will find restaurants and iconic hotels, such as Casas Brancas, and super Instagrammable landscapes. These are not beaches that are popular for swimming, but they do tell a lot about the history of the place. The personalities who have passed through there, the reception centers that have operated since the 70's, the means of production, etc. By the way, it is worth saying that the complete name of the city is Armação de Búzios and this term - armação - is related to the construction of a small whale oil processing factory, which once participated in the local economy. As for Praia dos Ossos, which was once the headline of the police pages, today it is a relaxed place, with the church of Sant'Anna as a witness to its calm waters. 


Azeda and Azedinha - Natural pools, here I come.

For those who are staying downtown, close to the famous Rua das Pedras, for example, it's a leap to get there. The access is by a stairway and the view is sensational. Azeda is good to enjoy with the family, to dive in the calm waters, and there are some stalls and street sellers as well. Azedinha, which is accessed by a small pathway above the rocks, 

forms a natural pool when the tide rises. Small in extension, but super charming. 


Enjoying getting to know the beaches of Búzios? Then let's follow the trail because there are still many beautiful beaches to visit!


João Fernandes and João Fernandinho - In family.

On the last bay of the north face of the peninsula, is a very popular beach, especially on weekends, holidays and vacations. It is not by chance. Besides being very beautiful, with calm waters and options for activities for the whole family, João Fernandes also has options for snacks and lunch. You can spend the whole day there. João Fernandinho (yes, several beaches in Búzios have their "little me version!") is a short walk from the first one and is much quieter. It is worth the visit.


Praia Brava 

When you arrive at Praia Brava you can feel a taste of the European summer. The way to get to the beach, through a small cliff, and the presence of restaurants, inns, and sophisticated condominiums, besides a first class beach club, complete the atmosphere. Surfers like the waves, and those who want comfort and exclusivity can stay there too. Ah, there is no need to say that anywhere you click, you get a professional photo. And without filter!


Praia do Forno, Praia da Foca - Privileged View

Many rocks, little sand and a hypnotizing view are the characteristics of these two beaches. Forno has very reddish sand, which explains the name. As for Praia da Foca, it is said that is because there are visits of this marine species in the cold water currents that pass by. To see the fascinating landscape from another angle, it is worth stopping by the Forno lookout.



It is one of the longest and brings two different experiences: on the left side it is calmer and has a good structure with several restaurants for snacks. Plan to stop the car near these places if you want to guarantee more comfort. On the right side is the surfers' favorite area with high waves and a landscape in the purest Endless Summer style. Excitement? There is too, like the Fishbone Beach Club that serves drinks and has DJs and shows depending on the time of the year.